Hand-Crafted Rustic Home Furniture and Décor

Elevate your home’s interior design with rustic furnishings and décor. Rustic furniture pieces add a distinct charm to houses, creating a comfortable atmosphere you’ll long to come home to. Transform your home with beautiful statement and accent pieces individually sourced by Sukhmani Home from around the world.

Different cultural fragments and elements are skillfully integrated into our hand-crafted furniture and décor, providing you with an entirely unique selection to choose from. Genuine antiques and vintage furniture sit next to architectural features; ritual objects and statuary stand on table tops and in cabinets; wonderful textiles drape across beds and benches. All these can decorate your house, creating your ideal spaces of retreat.

Decorate your space with hand-crafted, unique rustic furnishings. Crafted from architectural and cultural fragments, our furniture pieces are one-of-a-kind. Apart from aesthetics, these pieces offer durability, lasting you years.

Incorporating architectural elements into your home transports you to another time and place. Preserve history by rescuing palatial archways and doors, pillars, detailed window frames, and other architectural relics.

Complete your space with finishing touches and accents that are reflective of your lifestyle and personality. Choose from luxurious decorative elements from other countries to inspire a different kind of richness into your home.

Each weave of the fabric tells a story. From utilitarian bedspreads and tablecloths to luxurious decorative rugs and throws, textiles inject another layer of warmth, color, and character to any room.

Sukhmani carries statuary from different lands and times. These cultural, social, and religious icons make the perfect pièce de résistance for your sanctuary or ritual space.

Sukhmani Design

Create an eclectic style in your home with vintage furnishings made from diverse cultural elements. Cultures and countries in the New and Old World are represented in each of our furniture and décor, transporting you to a different time and place.

Choose from rustic furniture, ritual objects and statuary, colorful textiles, and intricate architectural features.

Sukhmani will help you achieve a cohesive overall look through our design services. Select the pieces you like, and we’ll bring your choices to your home. See what they look like in your space, in your lighting, and with the rest of your furniture, then decide.

Email or visit our store today, and let Sukhmani Home elevate your interior design.


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